Alexandra Stonehouse is a South African/Namibian intersectional feminist, currently studying towards a master’s degree at the University of Cape Town. After completing an Honours degree in Gender and Transformation, she followed her interests and moved into the Justice and Transformation programme in the Department of Political Studies. Adapting to new territory, her fields of interest currently include gender, memorialization, reparations and social justice. Specifically, she is interested in the Namibian and South African contexts, and their different approaches to transition and reckoning with the past. In November 2016 she presented a research paper at the Elimination of Violence Against Women conference, organised by Aberystwyth University Mauritius. This research was a discourse analysis of rape culture in a Namibian newspaper. In 2014 she was selected for an essay contribution for Sister Namibia, writing about ‘(Policing) Sexuality in Africa: The Namibian Mini-Skirt Ban’ (URL: Currently, she is conducting research on the Namibian Independence Memorial Museum and what it contributes to the gendered memorial landscape of Namibia.