“A scream doesn’t have to be loud. The strongest screams are the ones we hear within ourselves, the ones that twist our organs up and run like a fist through our intestines and ribcages, the ones that have no voice. Yet it comforts me, because I know I am alive.”

On March 4th 2019, Jade Gibson discussed her novel Glowfly Dance: A Childhood in the Midst of Domestic Violence with Jelke Boesten at King’s College London.

Jade Gibson’s impressive novel, or testimony, is about growing up with domestic violence and femicide while moving homes from London to North Africa to the Caribbean and back. This intensely personal account raises important questions about domestic violence, children in violent homes, overcoming trauma, and global patriarchal structures, and teaches us how terror and fear can become part of everyday life, and how survival is possible.

Jade Gibson holds a PhD in Anthropology and degrees in visual arts and medical science. She works as an academic, visual artist and poet as well as author and public speaker. She is based in Cape Town, South Africa.

You can find a recording of the event below.