Cape Town

Interventions in the public space can act both as art and as activism, and is increasingly seen as an important element of publicly stage protest.  The second project event, to be held at the University of Cape Town in February 2018, is an interactive exploration of feminist interventions in memory battles held in the current epicentre of such activist art, South Africa. The focus will be on artists, activists, curators and civil society organisations such as NGOs who engage in feminist debates and will ask at what point art might turn into activism; what counter-narratives have emerged or how interventions in the public space can be used as protest against existing narratives of a violent past; and how women artists and activists write themselves into representations of the past.



Richard Chelin

Liliana Mendoza Ortiz

Sheena Magenya

Shastry Njeru

Dr Marje Jobson

Dr Ester Muinjangue

Dr Alex Hibbett Diez Canseco

Natalia Iguiñiz

Professor Rashida Manjoo

Shanel Johannes

Dr Daniela Romero-Amaya

Lucia Bastos and Inês Virginia Prado Soares


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