Esther Utjiua Muinjangue is a social worker by profession and has more than 10 years’ experience in the field of social work practice.

Currently she is a social work lecturer at the University of Namibia in the Social Work Department, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

She spends her free time mobilizing and doing advocacy work for the Ovaherero Genocide. She is the chairperson of the Ovaherero Genocide Foundation in Namibia. This Foundation has four pillars that guide their work. These pillars are:

  1. Enhance and create awareness on the Ovaherero Genocide (Locally, Regionally and Internationally)
  2. Demand reparation from the German Government by coordinating community activities that will exert pressure on the German Government.
  3. Strengthen relationships with the Ovaherero in the Diaspora (South Africa, Botswana, USA, Canada and UK).
  4. Solicit international support.

Her involvement as an activist in the issues of genocide and reparation started in 2003 and has been influenced mainly, by two things namely:

  1. Her background as a social worker, a profession that believes in social justice and the protection of human rights. This has great influence on her involvement in socio-political issues. The atrocities committed against Ovaherero and Nama people by Germany do not only constitute genocide but this was also a crime against humanity.
  2. The fact that she is a Herero and her paternal grandfather was a product of rape; his mother was raped by German soldiers. She was deprived as a child, of knowing her paternal grandfather. The importance of family trees is highly appreciated in her culture and a portion of that is missing.

Lastly, she is a mother of three children (2 boys and a daughter). Her hobbies include listening to music, socializing with family and close friends.