Inés Ruiz Alvarado is a documentary filmmaker and a researcher in human rights and gender. Her latest investigations examined the consequence of the sterilization campaigns in Peru (1995 – 2000) and her documentary film “A Futile Voice” explores the testimonies of some the victims from Huancabamba, evidence of how memory has been created by incorporating these events into a hegemonic racist social discourse that allows them to disregard the rights of the populations affected by these policies. She is currently a doctoral candidate in Hispanic Studies, University of Kent. Master of Art in Modern Hispanic Studies. Graduated with Merit (2008 – 2010), University of Kent, and BA in Audiovisual Communication and Film, Universidad del País Vasco (2008). She works as a teacher at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, and is an active member of the Institute for Support of the Autonomous Movement of Peasant Women IAMAMC (2012). She is also a columnist for the NoticiasSer news portal and works in community communication workshops. His publications include: Magazine Argumentos IEP “Campaigns of mass sterilization and political use over the years” Issue No. 2, Year 9, May 2015. La Independent Magazine “Peru: Enforced sterilizations in electoral context” June 2015.The Guardian UK (Interview) “Peruvian women intent on bringing state to book over forced sterilizations” March 2014. Has participated in conferences: “Debating Feminist perspective on conmmemoration, symbolic reparation and the arts” King’s College London (July 2017) Aministy International (London 2017) Festival Censurados Film Lima (March 2017) International Seminar: Practices and New Perspectives in Peruvian and Latin American Documentary Cinema. Master of Visual Anthropology. Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. Lima (November 2016) Discussion “Panorama and agenda of visual anthropology in Peru”. Greater University of San Marcos. Lima (November 2016) Seminar “Media, culture and changes throughout the Pacific” Visual Anthropology Master. Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. Lima (November 2015) Discussion “Circular Ruins” Universidad Mayor de San Marcos. Lima (May 2015) and has received the Research Grant Award from the Kent School of European Culture and Languages. (2011-2012)