How can and do curators deal with the representation of women and gendered harms in commemorative efforts? A small team of South African and Colombian scholars and curators were invited to come to Lima in July 2018 to explore synergies and questions between the three countries’ experiences with national efforts in gendered commemoration.

The German funded national museum of memory in Lima, or “Lugar de la Memoria”, was opened in December 2015. The museum, as other national sites of commemoration, generates much contestation over the ways in which Peru’s contemporary history of violence is portrayed. Nevertheless, the museum managed to dedicate a small but important part of its permanent exhibition to specific gendered harms –but is that enough? In South Africa and Colombia similar memory battles are on-going.

See here for the programme.


Panel 1: Art and Memory for Justice
Panel 2: Challenges for  Transitional  Justice from feminist and LGBTQI+ perspectives
Panel 3: The Treatment of Gender in  Places of Memory around the World
Panel 6: Performance, testimony and social movements
Plenary session and closing


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