Dr Marjorie Jobson is the National Director of Khulumani Support Group, the membership organisation of over 100,000 of victims and survivors of apartheid-era political violence and gross human rights violations and of postapartheid gross human rights violations. The community-based organisation has developed programmes based on trauma-informed models of community empowerment and has become a resource for many countries in transition especially on the African continent. Dr Jobson was invited to join Khulumani in 1997 as a member of its Board of Trustees. In 2002 Khulumani initiated ground-breaking litigation against 23 multinational companies for aiding and abetting apartheid gross human rights violations. This was one of the earliest strategic litigations globally that sought to challenge unaccountable corporate power in a movement that is gaining momentum across the world. Dr Jobson is a medical graduate with a specialisation in anaesthesiology. She combined her activism for freedom, social justice and dignity for all with her professional work. She served as a research and teaching associate of the Institute for Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Pretoria over almost ten years. She is presently a board member of the Siyavuna Abalimi Development Centre in KwaZulu Natal that has pioneered an organic produce social franchise for rural communities. She was appointed a Commissioner for the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities first for the Northern Cape and then for the Eastern Cape over ten years.