Roundtable: Gender and Symbolic Reparations in Comparative Perspective
10 January 2019
Venue: Kings College, London


Helen Scanlon and Jelke Boesten, Welcomes and Introductions

10.30- 11.30
Jelke Boesten, “De/politicising Motherhood: A Feminist Reading of Sites of Commemoration in Peru”
Stefanie Kappler, “Internationalising Memory: the Arts and Recognition”

11.30- 13:00
Patricia Abozaglo, “Collective Trauma in conflict scenarios and reflections on gender justice and reparation: Case Study on Colombia”.
Sanne Weber, “Memories of agency and resistance as tools for gender justice: reflections from Colombia and Guatemala”.
Cathy McIlwaine, “Memory and VAWG among Brazilian Migrants.”

13.00-14:00 Lunch

14:00- 15.00
Rachel Kerr, “Silences, Symbols, Spaces and the (Anti-)Politics of Reconciliation in Canada.”
Kiran Grewal, “Remembering the Struggle, The Struggle to Remember: A personal account of memorialisation in Post-War Sri Lanka.”

15.00- 16.00
Khanyisela Moyo, “Memory Politics in Zimbabwe.”
Helen Scanlon, “Gender, Performance and Protest in South Africa.”

16.00- 1700
Roundtable Discussion